Bike Ambulance: This man has designed a Lifesaver on 2 wheels.

Meet the Hyderabad man who created a Bike AmbulanceMohammed Shahzore Khan invented a bike ambulance.
Mohammed wants to spread his invention in rural areas, where many hospitals and clinics struggle for want of ambulance services. The 43 year old owner of a workshop for customised motor bikes in Nampally in Hyderabad is hard at work guiding two of his mechanics in modifying a Hero Honda Passion for its disabled owner.

He loves bike and always wanted to create something which will help people in need. His creation: a motorcycle ambulance equipped with essential medical equipment, including an oxygen cylinder for patients in a serious condition. Continuing his father’s legacy of making customised motorbikes especially for the persons with physical disabilities, Mohammed and his team of 10 members customised a Hero HF Deluxe motorbike to attach a sidecar equipped with full functional ambulance unit..

What all it contains…

It is a mini ambulance that has all the facilities an ambulance normally provides.It has a stand for an oxygen cylinder, a shade over the bed, a small fan, a first-aid box and a a stretcher. The idea came to Mohammed after he and his wife noticed several articles talking about the lack of availability of ambulances in several areas,which had forced people to carry patients on motorbikes or in push carts. Mohammed and his team designed the bike ambulance in 35 days, starting at the end of April.

Advantages of this mobile ambulance 

One of the main advantages of the bike ambulance affords is ease of access and movement.This ambulance has been made keeping in mind the traffic issues in the country. Most of the ambulances face this issue of Traffic in India. However, a bike can easily avoid the traffic. He was inspired by his father who used to modify vehicles to make the life of poor and disabled persons easier.

It takes a great deal to create something like this which is completely in the interest of public at large and especially in rural areas where the facilities are not there to that extent. This man with his mobile ambulance is saving people’s life, money and energy by reducing the time which gets wasted by the people while waiting for the resources to reach them.

Helping others doesn’t cost anything. It only gives you Happiness and peace of mind. Bring the change by changing yourself, changing your thinking and most of all being kind to needy or helpless.




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