Bike ambulance to rescue in Chennai

The regular ambulances often make it late to reach the spot of emergency owing to their size and the regular traffics. To give this late rescue operations a break, K Kumar a paramedic in the city of Chennai has given the foundation to the bike ambulance service in the metro-city. He has arranged for about 108 bike ambulance services in the city where the medical assistants are always ready to attend the victims of various unfortunate accidents. Kumar says that they literally need to be aware to reach the patients on time as every second counts. Sometimes they are able to convey happy news whereas sometimes it’s just the bad news awaiting the family!


The city of Chennai is prone to accidents and the introduction of this fast medical aid February 8th is a relief to the people of the city. The ambulances which are usually stuck in traffic fail to attend patients within time. These bike ambulances on the other hand reach the victim within 10 minutes. The operational extent of this service lies from Kumar’s office in a parking lot of a hotel in the vicinity of Anna Flyover to the Foreshore Estate in the east of the city and from LIC Building in the north to the Nandanam Signal in the south to Nungabakkam in the west. These people have emerged to be the latest super-heroes in the lives of the people. They are entitled to attend at least 5 to 6 cases per day. In some days there are no cases!

Kumar explains that the inherent helping nature of the citizens of Chennai has helped their functioning a lot. Till date they have looked after the first aid of more than 650 patients out of which around 175 of them were victims of road accidents. GVK-EMRI which operates ‘108’ ambulances informs that the calls for ambulances are attended by both the regular and bike ambulances. The bike ambulance reach the spot for medical aid and then considers if the regular ambulances are required! There are 8 operational bikes out of 10 available ones. They do not function at night till now. Kumar says that as people are not used to see bikes as ambulances, he uses mics to steer clear the crowded streets of Chennai.

Their mode of functioning has indeed been a lot of relief to the people plying in the roads as they get medical aids whenever necessary!

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