With a big mission of building a self-sustaining world,Big help lives to its name!!

“Come on Vijay !! You can” , Shakthi shouts with a deep intention to let that boy rise and run. Vijay gets up fiercely listening to his master’s voice and all he could see at that moment is his master’s sparkling eyes which are eager to see him run and win the race. With such an immense energy in and around, Vijay moves forward step by step, thereby increases his speed to go further, ultimately he crosses the boundary with a big leap and hugs his master. Shakthi embraces his student and says I know you will, Proud of you my boy.’ Vijay’s heart melted with his master’s pat not for making him run but for allowing him to learn.

Yes, Vijay was a shepherd boy. When Vijay was looking at children playing in the ground, Shakthi observed Vijay and asked him who he was? Vijay was calm for a moment then Shakthi made him little comfortable with his warm words. Vijay requested Shakthi that he wanted to play for a while with those children. Shakthi let him do so. After sometime Vijay with full of joy went to Shakthi and thanked him. Again Shakthi asked him, who he was? Then Vijay said the following lines:

I’m destined to carry a 3 foot long stick for shepherding a herd of cattle, while doing so my delicate feet suffer the pricks of thorns.

My tiny hands never learned how to write but my arms have learned how to till the land,

At dusk I return home and fall asleep even before my parents return,

At dawn the next day I’m at work at the cattle shed,

I carry the burden on my lean shoulders while suffering from hunger pangs. My heart is wounded by this labour, I pray that I’m saved from this and given education instead!!

Shakthi being moved by Vijay’s words, assured that his prayers would be attended. Finally with the support of bighelp.org, Vijay came out of his cobweb and was able to live a life of his dream. This is not just a story of Vijay but many children who got struck in the cycle of life merely living to fill their stomach.

Fortunately, some organizations as a divine act provide education to such children and erect them as self sustained souls. Big Help  is one of those magnanimous trees where thousands of children grow under its shade and shape their beautiful lives.

Big Help for Education, being on the lines said by Confucius:

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for hundred years, educate children.”

It was founded in August 2002 by Mr.Chand Pasha Shaik with a mission to provide access to basic and formal education and better quality schooling to the underprivileged children in India regardless of gender, class, race, religion and disability to lead them step in the march towards change and self-reliance. He was said by his mother that happiness increases when it is shared and now he relishes the joy of giving and thereby living!!

Bighelp basic services include sponsoring the education of a poor child, strengthen government schools, setup merit award fund. They encourage all sorts of activities to develop a child in all the aspects. They do believe that one need to learn to succeed and share it to keep that act alive! Positive India congratulates big help family for growing its garden of budding champs!! For more info please visit:bighelp.org


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