BharatMobi is electrifying mobility

BharatMobi is a team of Automobile Engineers that aims at producing efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable electric vehicles by converting conventional petrol/diesel cars into Zero Emission Electric Vehicles. They consist of highly motivated and intellectual individuals who leave no stone unturned in the pursuit to attain our goal of securing a green future.

BharatMobi product: EV Conversion Kit

They have designed and developed EV conversion kits that can convert a wide range of vehicles (Hatchbacks and Sedans) into electric. They have converted and sought certifications for some of the most selling hatchbacks (Alto and Wagon R) and sedans (Swift Dzire) in India which is legally certified by ARAI and ICAT. The current market scenario and their timing makes them well-positioned to disrupt the EV industry.

Potential Market

The Indian Automotive Industry is the 4th largest in the world. It has over 230 million+ vehicles registered as per 2016 statistics. And more than 20 Million vehicles reaching the stages of scrappage due to the emission norms. EV conversions become an immediate opportunity for the following reasons:

  • Government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan
  • Stringent emission norms due to extreme pollution
  • Exorbitant pricing of brand new electric vehicles
  • Scrappage of 10-year-old gasoline vehicles
  • Escalating gasoline prices in India


BharatMobi firmly believes that retrofitting can be the need of the hour to address the 3 major crises that India is facing. As India is home to more than 230 Million vehicles:

  1. Air pollution is significant: Due to which India needs EVs
  2. Traffic congestion: If adding new EVs would be the solution then they are increasing the traffic congestion.
  3. Scrapping the Vehicles: In order to counter the Pollution and Traffic congestion, if scrapping is considered, it is a huge challenge.

Retrofitting is a beautiful concept. It can prevent the ongoing rift between the introduction of new EVs and scrapping of old combustion cars. And BharatMobi strongly feels that this concept needs immediate attention of visionaries and innovators. Probably retrofitting is the fastest way to have the maximum number of EVs in the shortest time. Which would eventually be the fastest way to build the entire EV ecosystem in the smartest way.

Contributed by Ashhar Ahmed (Co-Founder, BharatMobi)

I am an MBA by education, a marketer by profession and a writer by passion. I believe that human life is a beautiful gift from God to us and we should live it following our heart so that we go back to Him without any regrets.



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