Bharat Calling : A boon for socially backward students

         Sandeep Mehto, a child from a socially backward family of Indian society struggled after class 12, as he wanted to pursue further education. He stayed at Pathrota Village in Madhya Pradesh. For getting into Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, he had to obtain  a loan from the local money lender. He faced similar situation of lack of guidance, lack of credit facility for rural children to pursue higher education.

Bharat Calling

        However, his struggle after passing 12 led him to think about a number of children from the poor sections who too are struggling with same difficulties. Mehto with his friend John Basumatray in the year 2009 founded a start-up called Bharat Calling. This initiative aims to help the underprivileged children dreaming to pursue higher education such that they can get admissions with ease. They provide counselling to these children so that they can get in touch with various streams apart from the mainstream engineering.

Bharat Callingts and create a connection with the universities and institutes offering the courses. The admission forms are made available to them and even maintain a contact with the university from the sides of the students. At the beginning only 50 students were undertaken in this project, but fortunately enough now they cover 900 villages catering to 12,000 students. “Bharat calling” has volunteers counselling the students who work for free and the four paid members decide the functioning of the initiative which includes Meheto.

       The initial days were really tough for Meheto. As they cater only to government schools from interiors of the country, many schools disagreed to cooperate with them. Their idea to give alternatives from the mainstream help was not welcomed initially. However with time the schools help them conduct sessions with the children to help them. They contact schools, arrange infrastructures like seating arrangements and books. Sensitization is a stepping stone to change the ideas and future of the kids who drop-out of school due to socio-economic pressure. Their assistance to help students get into higher education is an initiative which got recognition in Kaun Banega Crorepatii 2011 as ‘Ekmihsaal’. They are registered organisation helping poor children achieve their dreams of education and get easy entrance into the prestigious and local institutes



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