How this professor drastically brought drop out rates down in slums

Here is the story of Beena Rao. A lecturer of Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology at Ahmedabad. She is a native from Satan and the daughter of a violinist who taught blind kids without a penny. Inspired by her father Rao, took up the measure to provide free tutor to the kids in slums of Ahmedabad. The inappropriate method of teaching in the government school and the additional evil of not-to-fail Right to Education have cursed the standard of education for these kids. She saw that the children as well as the parents were reluctant to attend schools. The students visited the school only for the mid-day meals while they happily earned from the local tea-stalls. She thought to start-up with this venture including some students from college to volunteer along with her.

How this professor(Beena Rao) drastically brought drop out rates down in slums
How this professor(Beena Rao) drastically brought drop out rates down in slums

Her efforts paid off as the students in her tutorial got accustomed to education. They stopped using slangs and grew interested towards scientific terms instead! To persuade the parents to send their kids to her, she primarily invited doctors and policemen to inculcate the interest. Slowly in 2009 she began to spread her concept by creating “Prayas Free Coaching Classes’. This minimised the number of drop-outs in schools and the students got clear knowledge about the various concepts and theories. She also started mobile laboratories to encourage practical knowledge and distributed free books to the children.

Today, she successfully runs around 8 centres in various slum areas and has 1200 students. More than 5000 students have benefited from her endeavour since 2006. There are lot of workshops to encourage students in extra-curricular activities like sports, yoga and cultural activities. B.Ed students take the laboratory classes which have helped the kids grow interest towards science. She faced many hurdles during the initial years. Once, she had to pay Rs. 15000 to her volunteers. No one willed to assist her. A liquor shop owner helped her as he too wanted these kids to have a bright future. She hardly earns any remuneration from the trust. But, her initiative towards the welfare of the society indeed demands a big applause!



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