Basements are becoming schools because of this NGO

         Do you think your child needs a separate room, an AC for studying? Well, education and lavishness are contradictory terms. When the entire country is suffering from such a high illiteracy rate, it is a waste of time to think about comfort studying. More than 60% of the children below 6 year old fail; to get a proper education! Yes, when this is the situation there comes, a ray of hope from the city of Gurgaon.

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             Bagiya, a NGO functioning in Gurgaon aims at providing education to all the underprivileged children and those who are eager to study but fail due to financial back-up. They do not go in search of classrooms wasting time rather the epic Indian ‘jugaad’ comes into action. The staffs of this organization look out for empty basements of the apartments. These basements are transformed into classrooms where the children could actually study. Shilpa Sonal started this NGO with a vision to educate the children of labourers, rickshaw pullers and many more. Initially she started off in the lawns, of her house which rapidly spread across the city. Basic English is taught here with the outlook that these kids can get admission to mainstream schools or opt for a proper career.

               From books to uniforms this NGO gets assistance from various big corporate companies. Sonal initially had 120 students which have rapidly doubled. Besides, education extra-curricular activities are also taken care after. From finding out the rare talents to nurturing them for their future benefits, Bagiya works effectively towards the all round development of these kids. Rupa who is the daughter of a construction worker now studies in Delhi Public School in Gurgaon claims that Bagiya has always helped her with Science and Maths which was very effective.

              Bagiya, now plans to shift to rural areas with their mission. They presently also assists women in rural areas with vocational trainings in sewing and other handicrafts!



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