Do you know Barefoot college, which is an international success story ?

Social work and Research center popularly known as Barefoot college , a voluntary organization which works on women empowerment, skill development, clean energy is selected by Indian govt to be projected as success story ay climate talks in paris

Sanjith Bunker Ray speaking in Ted Talk

Barefoot College is a non-governmental organization that has been providing basic services and solutions to problems in rural communities for more than 40 years, with the objective of making them self-sufficient and sustainable. These ‘Barefoot solutions’ can be broadly categorized into the delivery of Solar Electrification, Clean Water, Education, Livelihood Development, and Activism. With a geographic focus on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), we believe strongly in Empowering Women as agents of sustainable change

This college which can be called as a movement trained about 3 million students for skill development for modern day jobs. The programs are influenced by the Gandhian philosophy of each village being self-reliant. The policy of the Barefoot College is to take students, primarily women from the poorest of villages and teach them skills such as installing, building and repairing solar lamps and water pumps without requiring them to read or write. In extreme cases, there are students without verbal fluency in the languages of their teachers The participating villages create a Village Energy and Environment Committee which determines the rates the villagers will pay for the solar panels and identifies which of the poorest residents of the town will go to the college for training. The students receive 6-month training program learning about solar panels and storage batteries before returning home where they maintain and repair the systems. The college does not give out any degrees or certificate.

Bunker Ray first has the idea of addressing the poverty in alternate ways. He always thought about ideas to make this reality and the solution he found is – social entrepreneurship. Barefoot College didn’t just fix the problem of poverty and inequality; it brought the citizens into the solution so that the Indian community would feel that they were doing their part to help their community. They are now more efficient, effective, resourceful, knowledgeable citizens who are fighting to have a productive and profitable society thanks to the brainchild of Sanjit Roy that is Barefoot College. Sanjith has been recognised with many awards and he was named as Time’s 100 most influential persons.



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