Ayush Samele -A Successful Engineer without a Degree

Termed as a ‘bad’ student in 6th standard, he doesn’t even have the qualification to be admitted in a regular technical college. Yet, at the age of 19,  Ayush Samele is already an engineer in his own right.

Ayush Samele is a resident of Prithvipur in Bundhelkhand who makes a great argument in the favor of those who believe that formal education isn’t the only road to success. He indigenously develops all electronics that occur as daily basic amenities – from cooker to fan. Furthermore he also tutors people to manufacture them at low costs. Today the teenager has abundant fan following on social media, especially on YouTube.

Ayush Samele – an Engineer without a degree.

Ayush can be referred to as an engineer of the poor with one after the other low cost products. However, Ayush’s life was not always a success story. Though he had a passion for making electronic gadgets even as a child, poor grades in school invited discouragement from his folks. In 2012, when he was just a lad of fourteen, constant criticism spurred him to slash his wrists in desperation. A year later, the boy ran away from home for nearly a week to escape the taunts directed at him.

“I always wanted to become a scientist, but our education system only teaches us theoretical subjects,” says Ayush in an interview. “Whenever I sought practical lessons, I was thrown out of my class. I was criticised for asking questions. No one even tried to understand me.”

However, after the initial setbacks, the home-bred inventor decided to pursue his dreams. He started off by making small toys and electronic items with discarded items, and they were both durable and cheap. At last, appreciation began trickling in.

Setting off with his Career

Despite of his practical skillset Ayush’s parents still had academic aspirations for him. However, after taking coaching at a reputed institute in Bhopal for a year, he dropped out. The boy just couldn’t concentrate on theory.

That was when Ayush’s elder brother, who is pursuing an engineering course in Bhopal, stepped in. Sourabh motivated him to come up with innovative electrical and electronic products, and upload his ideas on YouTube. “Ayush is a truly talented boy, and has always amazed me with his knowledge of electronics. His ‘career’ really took off once he launched Sdik Rof – his YouTube channel for kids – in September 2015.”

He started getting paid by YouTube began paying him as he was overwhelmed with 1.40 lakh subscribers. He has developed 72 different electrical products and posted 128 videos on his channel. “I use commonplace items to make things. As all my products run on solar light, poor people aren’t burdened by soaring electricity costs,” says Ayush.

Hard Work demands respect.

In the light of his newfound glory, people don’t look at Ayush Samele in the same way anymore. He is now a hero in his locality. His parents now regard him with pride.Ayush has also found an admirer in Satish Pal Singh Rajput, professor of mechanical engineering at the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology in Bhopal. “Ayush is using the appropriate technology to make his products. Any student who has mastered basic science can do it, but most lack his vision,” he says. 

Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times, YouTube

SOURCEHindustan Times
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