Axis bank is acing the ‘game of cards’ and we are loving it!

Axis Bank has become the first bank in India to introduce biodegradable cards and it cannot get better than this! In today’s world, where very fewer companies are concerned for the environment, Axis Bank has taken a huge step by making this smart and efficient move. The private bank has launched these cards in the prepaid segment. Axis bank’s image took a major hit after it was in news because of the involvement of its major branches in demonetization scams but now, the bank’s image has taken a 360° turn!

The card looks like a normal card but its major USP is that it is very efficient when it comes to the environment. Card banking is pretty common these days and all of these cards are made of plastic, therefore, Axis bank’s card proves to be a major boon to the environment. It’s made up of materials that break up super easily without releasing any harmful substances in the environment. These cards are biodegradable as well as can be recycled, which basically means less plastic consumption!

axis bank card
The statement was issued by one of the Axis bank’s head that unlike other cards, this card is made up of polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) which is basically derived from polyester but has no account of releasing any kind of harmful gases. This card has been carefully engineered to break down into smalls atomic structures, which won’t only make it easy to break down but will save on the energy required to produce this card!
This exceptional step taken by Axis Bank is a stepping stone for others companies to follow and take steps like these to help the environment in as many ways as possible. These small contributions by companies can totally change the game in the plastic sector and will motivate others to follow!

Image Source: Customer Care Contact Number



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