Asha Kuteer – a sweet home of little hearts

Sunrays passing through a glass window, dancing on the tender cheeks of a girl who is in her land of dreams: Disney world, Mickey Minnie dancing then a baby elephant showers water on them and suddenly the girl’s mom kisses on her forehead and says wake up! Beta… Time to get up… she unconsciously covers herself with the blanket and after sometime her dad enters with a rhythmic song, lifts his baby and cuddles her. The girl opens her face with a pristine smile and they move on with their daily routine. Her mom prepares favourite dishes of that girl, her dad drops her at school- with a flying kiss to her dad she jollily steps towards her school gate. Imagine how blessed the baby is.. their family is!! Do you think all children have such a beautiful world?

There are children who crave for basic necessities of life, there exist mothers who end their life as they couldn’t feed their babies; there are families who leave their newly born and many unbearable happenings around. Sometimes such abandoned children grow up in miserable conditions and hence a pathetic society.

‘Asha Kuteer Orphanage’ founded by Mr.Jeevan is spreading love and faith to such little hearts. It had its roots in an accident, as Jeevan was roaming around aimlessly in a state of misery, he met a girl who smiled at him. That led him to interact with that girl for some time and got to know her details. The child took him to her mother where he happened to see the deadly angle of one’s life to live. (Mother being a sex worker, child insisted her in attending her work so that she could fill her stomach) Breathless for a moment, Jeevan spoke to her mother and said that he would take care of that girl for which her mother agreed. Yet one more setback added to him which was his poor economical condition. With an inner strength to swim this ocean of life he made a ‘sweet home’ for those sweet hearts. So he completely believes that ‘hope’ is crucial for a person to live and hence decided to provide hope to those hopeless kids by starting orphanage – ‘Asha Kuteer’

Asha Kuteer is located in Hyderabad raising around 50 children of 4-17 years. The most interesting part is children are sent to CBSE and State English medium schools. Apart from providing basic needs of children they do maintain an emotional bond with a child in building their beautiful life and also heal their sorrows as a parent. During an interaction with the founder of the orphanage we heard some poignant lines said by him. ‘In the process of healing my children I came out of depression’ for which I went under medication for some time. Asha Kuteer arranges birthday parties to their kids, celebrate festivals, and make them involve in extracurricular activities. Their mission is to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of destitute children by providing love, care, nourishment, guidance, and the highest level of education to them.

At ‘The Positive India’, we are working to activate such humane touch which everyone has for propagation of eternal treasures love, faith and hope towards little hearts. Positive India is eager to see the spark in their eyes and feel that bliss in raising a life!! For more details please visit:

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  1. That is a pure sign of developing yourself by developing the needy of nation 🙂 :)…
    Great job..
    Keep up the going..


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