ARYA PUTODA- An 18 YO Young Organic Farmer from Bengaluru

Arya Putoda teaching viewers in his YouTube video

In today’s world where the fast food industries are thriving and we look out for vegetables that please our eyes- regardless of the processes it might have been through to be able to please our eyes- there is an 18-year-old biophilic in Bengaluru. Arya Putoda, a student of class 12 is an organic farmer in his own right.

Arya’s Muse:

Arya’s journey begun when his mother purchased 4000 sq ft of land beside their house to start her own kitchen garden when he was 11 years old. She chose to breed the land for cultivation of unadulterated vegetables rather than selling it off for profit. Watching his mother work in the garden was a source of inspiration for Arya. Initially, Arya helped his mother to make farming lanes, water the plants, deweed the farm, etc. In a matter of two years, Arya was equipped with sufficient knowledge to take charge of the kitchen garden. His kitchen garden bears an array of organic vegetables and fruits, a few of them are, radish, carrots, cherry tomatoes, tomato, lady’s finger, Brazilian lady’s finger, beans, curry leaves, spinach, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, mango, papaya and much more.

From teaching to launching his first product:

Astonished by the flourishing organic farm, his neighbors soon offered to buy the vegetables he grew. Not only did he attract customers, but also a number of potential organic farmers. Queries pertaining to start an organic farm begun pouring in. By that time, Arya had spent a lot of hours researching and polishing his knowledge. This marks the establishment of his own YouTube channel called ‘My Organic Farm’. He has over 2300 subscribers and the number seems to grow as the days pass.

While he enlightened people on how they can start a farm, he could not deny the trouble they faced to find the necessary raw material. Arya took this opportunity to grow his channel into a company, launching his first product- Grow Basic. ”It is an excellent tool to start with and can give you the feel of running an organic farm. It is also a very good educational tool to explain the concept of organic farming to the students’’, suggested Arya in the launch video on his channel. The Grow Basic kit consists of a coco peat block, organic fertilizers, and seeds with instructions that are easy to follow.

Significant Social Contributions:

 Arya Putoda has also worked closely with the state forest departments of Karnataka and Telangana. He has distributed over 1000 tomato seedlings to morning walkers. In 2015, Arya played a significant role at the United Nation Environment Program. He collaborates with schools to grow organic farms and to teach it’s students to do the same. Arya supports sustainable and healthy living, knowing exactly how to put it in practice

Arya Putoda at the United Nation Environment Program.

Picture Courtesy: Times of India.

SOURCEThe times of India.
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