Anshu guptha’s brain child Goonj – clothing the poor Indians

                Goonj born out of the mind of Anshu Gupta comes out to satisfy a prime requirement of civilized human life. Guess what? Yes, Clothing! This organization functions to reach out to the downtrodden class of the society to provide clothing to them. It generally functions like a cloth bank, collecting the discarded material from the cities distributing them to the people in real need of clothing. They believe ‘One person’s rags are another person’s necessity’.

Goonj founder Anshu Guptha

                       Besides keeping themselves focussed on the various means of providing clothing, they have also found out ways with which to optimize the discarded material. With assistance from many colleges, schools, companies and many other sectors they have started with recycling the clothes. This recycling includes various purposes like providing basic amenities of sanitary napkins to the village women who are forced to tolerate unhygienic condition during menstruation! They have started with ‘Vastra Samman’ which provides cloth not as a charity but as honour in order to bring about development in the villages and also to generate a source of employment in the rural areas. The School to school concept has helped in developing understanding among the rural and urban kids. The clothes of the affluent kids are given to the rural kids which promotes brotherhood. The Rahat is basically reaching out to the people where they are struck with natural disaster. Their recent programme under this concept included help to the victims of flood in Uttarakhand. Goonj reached out to the victims carrying bags of clothes to cover them. The recycling gives a new direction to their functioning. This helps to recycle a piece of cloth into 35 varieties of things which forms the basic necessity of the people in rural areas. They have worked in remote areas of Sunderbans and other interiors of the country where people really suffer from improper clothing.

Goonj clothes being aggregated

Source : FLickr

               Presently they deal with 1000 tons of clothes per year. Their development work for which they rewarded cloth included building bridges, repair of roads, recharging the water in the ponds and many such activities. Their Rahat concept has tried to bring back economy in various areas by involving people in tailoring work and rehabilitating people from the disaster prone area. The making and providing sanitary napkins to the women to school bags for kids has been an astounding contribution to the society in general. Reaching out to the interiors and helping with an innovation is indeed a work of sheer intelligence and goodness!



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