Anandawan : Turning barren land into fertile forest

Anandawan is located in the district of Chandrapur in the state of Maharashtra. A village rather a concept conceived and executed by Muralidhar Devidas ‘Baba’ Amte. It is a piece of barren land which is fertile and made appropriate for living by the people who are socially outcast. It is basically a design of an ashram where the leprosy patients are treated and given a new life along with the different downtrodden people facing several disabilities.

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The lands which suffered from infertility were made fertile with organic farming initiatives. They have also included the micro-water management programme to bring complete growth to the crops. Besides, they also host a couple of small scale industries which helps in financial assistance to the inmates. The ashram now spreads over 200 hectares of land which constitutes a university, two hospitals, a technical branch, a home for orphans and also a school equipped to educate the blind people. More than 5000 people are dependent for the regular livelihood in Anandawan.


This concept was initiated in the year 1948 by Baba Amte. The success of the swift functioning and progress of this place is due to the untiring efforts of the people and the close knit environment within this place. The people here believe in the special gifts bestowed on each person which make them unique from one another. Here, you will be astonished to see a non-professional printer running a printing press. A person with physical disability driving a tricycle and even a truck! Baba Amte considered that the livelihood in this place is more infectious than the communicable diseases. The ashram is now run Maharogi Seva Samiti. Anandawan also boasts of an emu farm, a small zoo and its versatile farmlands. Such an endeavour has not only protected the lives of the poor but has gave them a means of livelihood!





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