Akshaya Trust : The buffet for the needy.

               Narayanan Krishnan was a trained chef, preparing to head to Switzerland for a job in an elite restaurant. A few sights completely turned away his plan of actions. A visit to his house showed him a man eating his own faeces out of hunger. The sight of the old men starving for food changed his mind. He stayed back in the country initiating Akshaya Trust. Wondering how the trust works?

Narayananan Krishnan in his kitchen
         Source : CNN

            Well, this non profit organization presently serves meal to all those who spend days without a proper meal. He has till date served 1.2 million people complete meals for breakfast, dinner and lunch. They constitute of the poor sections especially the elderly and the children. He takes care to feed the old people abused and ill-treated by their family members. He chose the name Akshaya to denote the imperishable food he can provide to the society. Krishnan awakes at 4 am in the morning, with the assistance of staffs working with him they travel more than 125 miles constantly cooking in a temperature crossing 100 degree Fahrenheit. He searches under the bridges, in the street-corners, in the temples delivering warm and delicious meals to the [people who are starving. Delivered in a well packed container, Krishnan often feeds some of them with his own hand. On a per day basis he has taken up the responsibility of feeding 400 clients. Beside, providing them food he also carries scissors, blades and razors to trim their hair, shave in order to make them look clean and tidy. Proficient in hair styling he works his scissors to help them look presentable. The sponsored expenses covers only 22 days while Krishnan himself donates $88 from the house rent he receives such that the food is made available each day. He stays and works with his co-workers in the kitchen as he has neither attended any office nor received any salary.

             His trust functions with assistance of sponsorship. Although his parents are dissatisfied by his decision, Krishnan is steady in his endeavour to feed all the diseased and poor. He won CNN hero of the year in 2011. His effort and bravery is something a worth of salute from the entire nation. His sacrifice has spread positivity in the air of the country.



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