Agricultural scientist innovative solution to wild animals menace


In many places, the farming fields close to forests face the menace from the wild animals like boars and pigs.  This problem is rampant in Adilabad district of Telangana. The government was forced to allow conditional killing of animals. This has resulted in man- animal conflict leading to more incidents  being reported.

Poaching and building walls is a solution but poaching is illegal and building walls is costly process. Hyderabad based agricultural scientist V Vasudeva rao has devised a new device – bio acoustics based device which is solar powered.  Mammals are very sensitive to sounds and so these research group from Indian council of agricultural research are working on the device based on that principle . The device plays the sounds of animals in distress or sounds of predators like tigers and lions loudly during the nights. Whenever the wild animals hear these sounds they think that it is dangerous to go ahead. Thus the menace can be solved. Even forest department saves lakhs of rupees which otherwise would have to be paid as a compensation to farmers.

While the nascent technology is taking off quite well, farmers and researchers admit that the cost of the equipment, approximately Rs. 25,000, is expensive may. “For marginal farmers, they find low cost physical barriers far more affordable than bioacoustics,” said Raju G. Teggali from Kalaburagi Krishi Vigyan Kendra, who is supervising its use in Kalaburagi district. Mass production could reduce the cost of the device says Prof. V Vasudeva Rao.

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