This new year let’s go ‘solar’ for this seven irresistible reasons

Solar energy is the power provided by the Sun, harnessed through rooftop solar which convert sun light into electricity. Home owners all around the country are installing solar systems on their roofs to take advantage of this clean and renewable source of energy to meet their energy requirements.

So is going Solar a good idea? What are the benefits of going Solar?

Here are the top 7 irresistible reasons why you should consider going Solar for your home.

1# Completely eliminate or drastically reduce your power bills

Now a days power hungry electronic appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, electric cooking wear etc have become unavoidable part of our life. With all these appliances in use, power bills can make up a large portion of our monthly budget. With rooftop solar you can generate free energy over 25 to 30 years of its life and you can completely free yourself from these monthly power bills or at least you can reduce them drastically.

2# Immune yourself from raising power tariffs

Over the past 10 years across India the power tariffs have increased between 2% to 9% every year. And it is expected to continue the same trend in future. With continuous rise in power tariffs, the energy costs have become highly unpredictable. With rooftop solar you can generate your own power and become less dependent on utility power. Thus u can save a lot of money by protecting yourself from these tariff hikes and fix your energy charges for the life time.

This new year let's go 'solar' for this seven irresistible reasons | The Positive India
This new year let’s go ‘solar’ for this seven irresistible reasons | The Positive India

3# Earn great returns on your investment

The money spent on solar is not an expenditure. In fact, it is one of the very few home investments that actually pays itself in the form of savings in power bills within 5 to 6 years. But rooftop solar generates free power for more than 25 years. With Centre government, 30% subsidy on capital investment and other tax benefit the returns on solar investment is as high as up to 18%. And even without this subsidy and tax benefits the returns are around 10 to 11%, which is higher compared many investments such as stocks, bonds and fixed deposits etc.

4# Solar Systems are very good friends of the environment.

Yes, rooftop solar is an environment friendly source of energy, as it is generated from very clean and everlasting source ‘sunlight’. Solar System doesn’t emit any environmentally hazardous gases or waste unlike other conventional sources like coal, gas and oil etc.

According to studies, household pollution contributes 35% of total environmental pollution compared to another source of pollution like transport, Industrial pollution etc. Going Solar is one amazing opportunity at our hands to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment in a great way, without actually needed to change our lifestyle.

5# Rooftop solar is durable

Solar Panels are the most reliable and proved technology across the world. Rooftop Solar systems do not contain any moving parts. Hence the chances of any failure are very less. Typical life expectancy of a Solar system is more than 25 years.

6# Help the Indian Economy

Yes, solar energy helps Indian Economy in many ways. By adopting more rooftop solar, we can limit our fuel imports like crude oil, coal and natural gas etc. from foreign countries and save a lot of money to the government in the form of exchange. The major portion of the cost involved in solar energy goes into the manufacturing of solar energy equipment and in turn, helps our manufacturer sector unlike in the conventional energy sources where a major portion goes on fuel imports.

It is estimated that by 2022 as many as 1 million jobs are expected to be created in the solar energy sector alone in both manufacturing and service sector. By switching to solar help create a job for our fellow Indians and help boost our economy.

7# Realise Energy Secured India

By adopting renewable energy sources like rooftop solar, we can meet our energy demands from local resources rather than depending on foreign fuel imports which at times lands us in trouble in case of any catastrophic situations like war and natural disasters in the countries form where we import fuel. By achieving self-reliance we can stay immune from all these unwanted situations.

This guest article is written by Harish Ganesuni, founder of Solar Circuit which is working on providing solar solutions to households. Any further technical questions can be posted to him at +91-94 40 757763



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