About Us

We at The Positive India are fed up with regular negative news being shoved down our throats by the mainstream media. So we started this website with a philosophy-

          “Every day, in this world 1000 bad things occur and 1000 good things occur. Instead of focusing on 1000 bad, we decided to focus on 1000 good things.”

               Positive perspective promotes and propagates peace, prosperity, patriotism and plenty other pleasant things.

              “News is not about 99% of people reading about 1% of people (celebrities, ministers, babus). For Us news means 99% of people reading about 99% of people.”

         The Positive India intends to become a platform for sharing every common man’s positive effort and to propagate positive things happening in our society and thereby making more happen.

         If a democracy is for the people and by the people, then why can’t the news (media) be??

      We intend to make this a platform where everyone can share positive news happening around them. So, we are democratic media website biased towards positivity.

      The Positive India believe in Concept of Positive energy preached by world’s best motivational speaker, Robin Sharma. It works wonders and has its roots in ancient Indian wisdom, modern western science, and innumerable books etc. Our team is inspired by one such classic book – “Punnagapulu”- A Telugu educational, inspirational fictional novel written by Jalandhara Garu, wife of Telugu film artiste Chandra Mohan.