Aashayam : An Ignited Passion To Literate India by NIT Warangal Students

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

 Aashayam to Literate India is an association that has always believed in this philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. Aashayam is the brainchild of the B.Tech students of the National Institute of Technology, Warangal and it aims at spreading the benefits of education to the government students.

Aashayam’s Birth and early days:

Aashayam is a Non Profit Organisation that was founded by a group of 4 students in January 2012. It is a Telugu word that means ‘ambition’ or ‘goal’. Just as the name suggests, the founders of Aashayam were filled with ambition and had a concrete goal. Their goal was to dispense enriched learning experience to the government school students. One of the founders Imran, had been a student of a government school himself. Being exposed to a reputed institution like NITW made him realise that government school students lack the priming required to face the competitive world.

Aashayam was started as a voluntary association in the college. Their journey began with the flagship project called ‘Project Shiksha’. As a first step in realizing their goal they took the Government High School of Kazipet in their domain. While in the initial stage they focused on polishing the basic subjects of the students from 6th to 10th standard and increase the rate of passing in SSC exams.

Students with Team Aashayam

Drives and Projects.

Aashayam has worked on 22 different projects spread across 8 government schools.  ’Melody of the future’ is one such project that provided career orientation and guidance impacting the lives of 300 students on its way.  The members of Aashayam have taken one innovative step further to incorporate the government school students into sharpening their scientific minds. The students are encouraged to make science projects. Furthermore, they are exhibited during an event in their technical fest- TZ Impact. Its one of the most far reaching events held by Aashayam.

A student explaining his Science Project at TZ Impact.

Apart from mainstream projects they also conduct numerous donation drives. The students and professors of the college willingly donate clothes and books which are then distributed to slum dwellers and other needy people.

Donation Drive.

The students of 10th standard are provided tuition and career counselling to prepare them for the challenges that await them. 

Career Guidance to 440+ students was provided to the students of 10th standard.

The team uplifts the lives of approximately 600 students every year.

Future Aspirations of Aashayam.

With the basic knowledge polished and scientific minds sharpened, Aashayam team now focuses on soft skills development. They plan to engage students in a fun packed learning experience that will be open to the government school students during their cultural festival of the college- Spring Spree.

While the competition in today’s world has reached its epitome, Aashayam team aspires to make their children future ready.

The main aims of this venture can be summarized as:

  1. teach students and their parents the importance of education.
  2. reduce the number of dropouts from schools
  3. improve pass percentage of school
  4. interact with students, know their areas of interest and suggest them which course suits them
  5. encourage and train them so that they reach their goals

Ultimately, the aim is to help India achieve 100% LITERACY and to STOP CHILD LABOR.

What ties team Aashayam together?

While talking to TPI, Yogitha, Srinivas and Vivek, who work for Aashayam, cohesively branded that they all are equals. Seems like, there are no posts or ranks. 

“Everyone is a volunteer and everyone a leader”, Vivek told TPI.

The team members, despite of having the riches in their lives and the ex students enjoying well paid job boast that the most satisfying venture they ever indulged into was to work for Aashayam. All the team members are passionately driven by a single goal. Above all, their bond with the students is not ephemeral. They are a family.

Current Aashayam Team.

“Together let’s contribute for a developed India. We can and we will”- Team Aashayam.


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