Sikhs are serving refugees in most dangerous place

          A group of large hearted NRI Sikhs have started their traditional langar –community Kitchen to one of the most dangerous places in Syria. They are supplying food for free to about 14000 refugees in the strife torn unstable region.

              Langar Aid, an extension of UK-based NGO Khalsa Aid, is located in the Pesh Harbour area, about 35km from the Kurdish city of Duhok and 10 km from the Syrian border. Almost 70% of the members of Langar Aid are with Punjabi roots, besides some European volunteers as well

              It has been in operation since a year and NGOs from Sweden, Greece and Serbia are coming forward to help out the organisation.

              “Refugees often mistake us for IS because of our appearance,” said Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid, but that not deterred this unique force. “I was there about two months back and it was a very overwhelming experience. It was poignant to meet a family that had fled from their homes with their 10-monthold child and they were pleasantly surprised to find aid in the middle of nowhere. Then there was an elderly lady who still wanted to return to her village she had built after years of hard work. The situation will get more challenging as winter sets in.”

              The IS were destroying any food that was coming in for the refugees, therefore a UK based NGO Langar Aid took from help from the local government to set this up. Langar Aid also runs a school for nearly 5,000 local children on the Lebanon-Syrian border. The article is sourced from the TIMES OF INDIA at here .

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