9 facts from WCF every Indian should feel proud about !!

               World Cultural Festival (WCF) was held on the Yamuna floodplains in New Delhi from 11 March 2016 to 13 March 2016. It was organised by Ravi Shankar to celebrate the Art of Living foundation’s 35 years in service. It became controversial after a section of media started reporting unverified facts. WCF made  Indians proud. No other country could host such a cultural event so far. Here are some wonderful aspects which made us proud.

1. Spread over a venue of 1000 acres and expected to be attended by 3.5 million people from 155 countries, the World Culture Festival was  one of the biggest cultural gatherings in the recent times.



2. Stages for such huge gatherings often are laid by digging the soil for foundations. The stage for WCF is an engineering marvel. It is a floating stage. The tubular structure rested on plates. We can state it as another Indian Jugaad !!



3. Reacting to the controversy surrounding the three-day World Culture Festival in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at the event Friday, said, “If we keep criticising ourselves, why would the world look at us?” . Indian PM himself endorses it.



4.  We all know how disappointed we feel when rain spoils your sport or event planned by you. But during WCF , even rain couldn’t do any thing. Despite rains, none complained of discomfort instead some of them enjoyed it.



5. Ocean of lakhs of ecstatic excited people quiten down into sheer silence in an immediate second on the loving request of Sri Sri for meditation



6. In a country known for unruly crowds,  how did no mishap..stray incident..act of slightest violence whatsoever occur in the three day long festival..neither on stage nor in the crowds..? The answer is excellence in organising and self discipline of crowds.



7. How many times in you life have you seen a rainbow ? It’s definitely special for many. WCF visitors are blessed with a glimpse of rainbow



8.  The stage , venue was cleaned by volunteers and professional agencies and gurudev himself followed it up. How many political, cultural meetings have taken place so far in this country and how many took such responsibility.

Volunteers clean the entire garbage


9. Last but not least, the volunteers effort. Imagine how many man hours it consumes to plan, organise and execute such event. And most of this work is done on a voluntary basis. Kudos to all volunteers out there.

There are hundreds of positive aspects of WCF. We could cover some of the most important. If something is missing, share in your comment.




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