86 Haryana girls go on hunger strike demanding school upgradation

The right to education is something you can say we are born with. Our government has even made it necessary and is continuously supporting it. They have taken even drastic measures such as punishing the people refusing to provide their wards with education. Yet, today there are many cases pertaining to educational rights. Despite all the measures taken a lot of children are still being denied their education right. Girl child is usually the main victim of this. And since women are being treated with injustice, there is no one better than them to teach this nation that we are not as weak as they think us to be. A group of 86 9th and 10th standard girls from Gothda Tappa village, Rewari, Haryana, went on hunger strike on 10 May 2017, demanding their institution be upgraded to senior secondary school. They had to face sexual harassment when they had to travel to other villages for continuing their studies.

The hunger strike

In our nation, we consider women as goddesses and even pride of the family. Yet, that thinking goes out of the window when the girl is not of their family. The saying, “Educating a girl child is educating a family” has been taught to us since we were kids and yet as we grew up we lost this thought somewhere. People still believe that girls are only meant for birthing babies and taking care of the family. How twisted has this nation become, that girls need to demand their protection and education? These Haryana girls stayed on strike for six days. Ten of these girls were hospitalized due to dehydration. In view of the hunger strike, the education minister Ram Bilas Sharma accepted their demand. The Haryana Government committed to provide education to every girl in the state.

However, these girls continued their protest to the eighth day as they wanted immediate action from the government. Sharma informed that even though the order has been issued, some formalities are still remaining. He also added that top officials of the district would go and meet the girls and that the principal has been deputed and the admission would start.

These girls are an inspiration to all those girls who are still being held from education. We need to fight. We cannot achieve anything unless we struggle for it and people who shy away from struggles lose the battle even before they start.

Image source: The Hindu



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