ISRO helps India to stand on its own. Know how ?

              Come July 2016, India will have its own GPS system called Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System ( IRNSS ). Presently, GPS is system is operated by US satellites. ISRO plans to launch its own seven satellite group which will aid the usage of IRNSS system.
ISRO claims the IRNSS will be more accurate than the GPS system currently being used. The GPS has become very popular after a variety of services like Ola, Uber and other hyper local startups have come up. It is used widely for Navigation purposes.

              IRNSS is ISRO’s initiative to build an independent satellite navigation system to provide precise position, velocity and time to the users of Indian region. The system works with a group of seven spacecraft and a vast network of ground systems. IRNSS will work based on S Band and L Band signals. A small unit needed to be added to hardware devices and a small change must be made in phone software to receive the signal to enable the use of IRNSS services.
“Both these L and S band signals received from seven satellite constellation of the IRNSS are being calculated by special embedded software which reduces the errors caused by atmospheric disturbances significantly. This in turn gives a superior quality location accuracy than the American GPS system,” says a senior ISRO official as per India times . ISRO also aims to make signals available not only to India and surrounding countries but also to the entire globe, ISRO Chairman Kiran Kumar said.
ISRO is in talks with location and navigation device manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers and global information system (GIS) technology developers presenting to them the advantages of using the IRNSS technology over the current GPS technology.



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