IAS couple adopts martyr’s daughter

        We are able to sleep peacefully every day because there are soldiers at the border guarding us. Having that determination and patriotism for the country is something not everyone can have. Think of the plight the soldiers’ family must be going through day and night when their loved one is fighting at the border, It requires immense courage to send your dear one risk his life for the country. And when a soldier sacrifices his life for the country, the grief for the family cannot be expressed in the words. Especially, when the soldier has a young kid to be taken care of, the support required cannot be provided by compensation by the Govt. Realizing this, an IAS couple of Kullu has adopted a martyr’s daughter.

The brutal incident

One such soldier who deserves our salute and respect is Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh who was brutally beheaded by Pakistani troops on the night of May 1 in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch sector. This incident took away a dear son from his parents, a caring husband from his wife, and a doting father from his 3 children. The 42-year-old braveheart was the sole bread earner of his family.

Martyr Paramjit Singh

A beautiful gesture by the IAS of Kullu

As a beautiful return to his great deed and the most beautiful that could be, IAS of Kullu district Yunus Khan and his wife Anjum Ara have decided to adopt the martyr’s 12-year-old daughter Khushdeep. They expressed this desire to look after Khushdeep till the time she becomes independent and discussed it with her family.

Khushdeep and her familyKhushdeep is a student of class 7 and goes to a private school 12 kilometers away from her village. She has an elder sister who is 15 years old and a twin brother.

Khushdeep is a student of class 7 and goes to a private school 12 kilometers away from her village. She has an elder sister who is 15 years old and a twin brother.

The IAS couple has a 4-year-old son and they want to fulfill their duty of being responsible citizens. They want to take care of Khushdeep’s needs and education. The girl will continue to stay with her family. Yunus Khan and his wife will pay for all her expenses and meet her from time to time to ensure she is doing good. They want to ensure that she doesn’t face any problem and will support her to pursue the career of her choice.

The couple has set an example and shown the world that humanity still exists and love still counts.

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