75 year old took Swachh Bharat Mission to next level

                Prime Minister , Narendra Modi launched ‘Swachh Bharat’ last year on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi with a mission to clean India. There was much fanfare when celebrities came out and participated in this movement.

Source : The Hindu

                Many took it for granted and just forgot about it. But this 75 years, old Surgeon Captain (retd.) Ramesh Kulkarni took it as a mission.

                 With a small banner of Swachh Bharat strapped across his chest, Surg. Capt. Kulkarni carries a plastic bag and stick to pick up non-biodegradable waste from the garden of the historic Gol Gumbaz every day between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m

                 His intention is clear and wonderful. Everyday many foreign tourists visit the monument and he wants them to have positive impression upon us. Some children voluntarily join him in his efforts during the mornings.

                 He has served the country as Doctor in Chennai during Indo- Pak war in 1971. When asked what his advice to future generations, he immediately responds by saying ‘Youngsters should make cleanliness their first priority’ . This 75 year old could  have sat at home and had a  cup of tea in the morning insted  he chose to come out and is serving the nation. His commitment should be an inspiration to many of us. If he could clean a park, can’t we clean our surroundings? This article is dedicated to those who are taking the Swachh Bharat mission to next level.

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