Subhasini Mistry built hospital by selling vegetables

Subhasini Mistry toiled for years as a manual labourer, a housemaid and a vegetable-seller. At 70, she can look back with satisfaction at a two-storeyed, whitewashed building, the realisation of her dream to build a hospital for the poor – all because she couldn’t afford proper medical treatment for her husband and became a widow at 23.

Subhashini Mistry selling vegetables

Everyone live life for himself/herself, but only few have courage to do something for others. Sometimes, hapless things happen in our life which we feel that should not happen with others. It’s a feeling to do something that others don’t have to face same situations as we have faced. Here, we will talk about the great soul from kolkata.

             Subhashini Mistry was born in a poor family of farmers in West Bengal. She got married at age of 12. At the age of 23, her husband died due to lack of good treatment for an illness at a government hospital. He was a poor labourer. Subhashini was left all alone with her kids. She decided that she would not let anyone else face the kind of difficulties she had to face due to lack of healthcare and money. She had dreamed of making hospital so that no one have to face the same situation as she had.

            For next 20 years she sold vegetables at Kolkata’s Park Circus and done many other works with that to save more for her dream hospital. She never enjoyed that money for herself or children’s. In fact there was a time when she didn’t have enough money to make her children education, so she sent him to an orphanage. And his eldest son become Doctor.

           In 1993, they started giving treatment to the patients in temporary shed they have made on one acre land brought for a lesser amount from a land lord. She invested her whole life saving in that and her eldest son who had become doctor started to work their after his medical shifts in the hospital with his volunteer doctor friends.

First day they treated 252 patients. By providing treatments to so many patients on 1st day motivated them and they decide to make proper hospital for those people.

           So, she went back to the streets to sell vegetables, and her another son Sujoy also joined her to make more savings who graduated from college. On other side Ajoy start going to the corporate doors, local residents, companies and charities to raise funds for hospital. 5 Feb 1995 was the day the foundation stone for a proper hospital was laid. On 9 March 1996 the two storey Humanity Hospital was opened to public. Now 47 years down the line, Humanity Hospital, in Hanspukur village near Kolkata, stands tall and proud, serving the poor free of cost since 1996, a testimony to a single woman’s grit, determination and never-say-die spirit against all possible odds.

It is today spread over three acres and has the best of doctors and medical equipment. Major surgeries for the poor are done for less than Rs.5000 and minor ailments are treated for under Rs.10. In 2009, she won the prestigious Godfrey Phillips Bravery Award in the mind-of-steel category. Her story was first published in “Unsung” published by Mahesh Bhat, popular photojournalist after which Satyamev Jayate ran a episode about her and nation came to know about this unsung hero.



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