These villagers plant 111 trees everytime a girl is born

India got a new ray of hope as a village in Western Rajasthan led a progressive step forward making the birth of a girl child an event of celebration. This village also accounts for maintaining an ecological balance through their celebration. They have made it a custom to plant 111 fruit trees to commemorate the birth of each girl child born in the village. Besides, there are a lot more initiative that becomes a part of this celebration. They also make a collection of around Rs. 21000 for each daughter born to the village ensuring their undisturbed future and deposit it to their account. The villagers also make her parents vow and adhere to an affidavit affirming that they would ensure proper education to their daughters and would not compel their daughter into marriage before they step into their legal age.

Image source : Viralnovelty

This ritual was initiated by the leader of Pilpalantri village, Shyam Sundar Paliwal. The village leader had taken up this programme after his daughter expired at a tender age. As the population has seen an upsurge through the years, the villagers has contributed to the planting of over a quarter million plants in their neighbourhood. These has enabled to view the lives of daughters in a new light and celebrates their upbringing with the growth of the saplings.




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