Startup taking care of needy in Govt high schools

A young startup based in Hyderabad  is doing commendable work in the area of Education. The startup named, Subodha , has designed special programs for government schools. The startup name itself indicates the quality education which they are providing students.   The programs designed are motivating students of high school especially 9th and 10th and Inter students . The program aims at preventing them from dropping out and educating them on various career options available after 10th class. This type of programs are lacking and are the need of the hour. Most students don’t know what career options are available and enter a confused state and take wrong decisions. Subodha identified the problem and is working on solving it. They plan to teach students several skills like communication skills , Spoken English etc. Subodha has already adopted three ZP high schools in Ranga Reddy District. It is glad to know that the team is involving parents, teachers, and local authorities and funding agencies in this program. Currently they are a team of three and looking forward to expand to more schools and joining more members. The founder, Dasanna, says that initially they faced a lot of teething troubles like allotment of time by schools in their regular schedule.  But they overcame these problems by involving the stake holders who can solve the issue. The stake holders could be parents or service minded teachers, local public leaders etc. This innovative approach made them to expand them to three schools. The most positive thing is that they are not charging the students for the program and they are looking for alternate sources for funding. Dasanna is a graduate from Vasavi college of Engineering and has good experience working in the Education sector. Did you like the story ? Like our facebook page to read more at here . Do you know some thing positive happening in your surroundings , then share with us at . Come lets join the mission the share the positivity. Subscribe to our news letter here.



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