Indian chef’s step to feed the little deprived India

                Feeding India, a NGO from India took up the initiative to organise an event named “Chotti si Asha” on Children’s Day this year, where chefs like Manish Mehrotra,  Abhishek Basu,   Ritu Dalmia and Mamjit Gill put a step forward to feed the children residing in the shelter homes. The girls of the home were stunned to see the feast organised by these popular chefs in their honour. From pizzas to doughnuts, all the exquisite food prepared by the chefs themselves made place in the menu for the lunch. They were overwhelmed to taste the foods that had always been their dream.

Image credits : Indian Express

The chefs exclaimed their joy to serve these kids, who could never feast on these delicacies which otherwise are the regular meal for the ones attending their restaurants. This initiative by the NGO along with the support of the chefs has placed the stepping stone to encourage the citizens of the country to feed the starving population of the country. After the grand buffet the children and the chefs engaged themselves in the making of a creative banner which beautifully hangs at the entrance of the shelter home.

              “The aim of the event was to show that if celebrity chefs can step out to serve food to these children on one day, then why can’t all of us help feed needy people regularly? The Magic Truck is the way to realize this dream, which will feed two meals to 1,000 kids everyday” said Ankit Kawatra, founder of Feeding India to Indian Express, which has fed 4,45,000 meals in 20+ cities over the past one year.



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