Read about this doctor’s selfless service to differently enabled

                 Education for the physically disabled in India was not noted as an easy task. Very few people have indeed taken up the initiative to spread education among these special children. Cities, although have an access to these schools, the rural children who are differently able hardly gets any education. Dr. Santubahen Patel has indeed marked herself in the pages of service towards India by setting up Dhanantwari School in Gujarat.

Children in Dhanantwari school

               She accompanied by some of the properly trained teachers are working towards making the special children get their rights to education. Her academy constitutes children having hearing disability to the ones who have neurological problems Dr. Patel with all the other members in the school take care of the kids with hearing impairment, cerebral palsy or hyperactivity. The children are projected to the various systematic and scientific forms of education which enables them to lead a normal life. Patel, herself being a doctor specialised in the paediatrics and neurology departments plays the major role. The care and the method of teaching through pictorial representation have made these kids intelligent enough to compete with this world. Besides, the parent roles in this sector are taken special care. The teachers in meeting with the parents ensure that the children are paid attention to!

               Dr. Patel is a paediatrician who focussed her life to treat the children suffering from the various disabilities. She has been striving to give better education to these children. Her objective as a doctor indeed needs to be applauded by all! Various workshops are conducted here with the assistance from the foreign organisations. It enables the students to cope up with the outside cultures.



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