Rao Ganesh: The man who is decongesting B’lore roads one step at a time

“There are things we tell people to work on. And then there are things, we do ourselves and set an example to others, thus motivating them”

These are the words on Bengaluru Traffic Police Inspector Rao Ganesh Janardhan who doesn’t believe in taking a backseat and waiting for some magical wand that would bring a positive change in our community.Bengaluru Traffic Inspector Rao Ganesh

Bengaluru is known for its worst traffic where it sometimes even take your whole day to reach airport from your home or office. There are several memes taking rounds on facebook as to how startup strategies are being formulated while stuck in traffic.

Mr. Rao Ganesh is bringing a revolution in terms of Road Safety and Easy flow of traffic.

What Has Inspector Rao Ganesh done differently and beyond his duty?

He has identified simple things that would help in maintaining easy flow of traffic. People from Bengaluru would know about his impeccable work on Devarabesanahalli Flyover-Country Club which has ensured smooth traffic flow and has helped the commuters save time. His another major project included widening the service road near Courtyard Marriot.

The thing that makes him stand apart from rest of the change makers is the fact that he gets all his projects done with almost ‘ZERO FUNDING’ from government agencies.

He says, “I present my idea to potential investors. Whosoever wants to come forward for community development contributes to my project. They just see the potential in me. They analyze, whether I can do it or not. People see my intentions behind it. And then, they automatically support my projects. I help them to make proper analysis of my projects by discussing all the pros and cons.”

The ‘Lollipop Man’ Initiative:

The Lollipop Man Initiative

“Smooth Traffic, Safe Traffic” is his sole motive. And this is why, his new initiative named ‘Lollipop Man’ is a hit. Keeping safety of school children in mind, H.S.R Police Inspector Rao Ganesh started a new concept of “Lollipop Man” in V.V.R School, Sarjapur road where in Lollipop man will help the school children to cross the roads during the school starting and ending times. This initiative is expected to be implemented in all the other schools in H.S.R Traffic police station limits.

The ‘Crime Prevention Month’:

With the support of various organizations, individuals and his own team, Mr. Rao Ganesh is running a campaign called ‘Crime Prevention Month’. When asked about the idea behind the campaign, he said,

“We want People not to commit crime. And what we want more is- people should not be a victim of crime also”

This whole campaign revolves around creating awareness among people to ‘Beware’ and ‘Be safe’. As a part of ‘Crime Prevention Month’ And ‘Road Safety Week’, Inspector Ganesh took the lead to remove all the unauthorized advertisements stuck on the compound walls of B.D.A complex, H.S.R Layout, painted them and also drew pictures about following traffic rules, crime prevention etc.

He also organized an awareness program about “Wearing Helmet for Safe Driving”, in co-ordination with Maruti Suzuki Pratham Motors. Helmets of good quality were distributed to all the staff and officers of HSR Traffic Police Station.

The People who know him, are aware of the fact that nothing is impossible for this fearless and dedicated cop. Near RMZ gate on outer ring road, pedestrians had to take an unsafe and risky walk on the road as there was no footpath in that stretch. He has created one for them by installing an iron bridge (in co-ordination with RMZ), in the unused space of the road. Now the pedestrians can walk safely without any fear.

“Quick Action is the fundamental key to all success”- His Mantra For Life!

In December 2016, a signal light at narrow road of Panathur/Railway under bridge (though installed) was not operational.

Inspector Rao Ganesh stepped in and within 24 hours, materials were procured and with help of technicians and other support, including power supply was enabled to make the traffic more disciplined and help thousands of commuter’s life easy on this stretch.

Why Is His Work Worth Noticing?

All the project that he has undertaken is because he feels that it is the duty of every individual to work towards betterment of the society.

While we all cry for holidays and our hectic schedules, this man has voluntarily never taken a single day off from his work since he took charge of HSR Traffic Police Station, not even a Saturday or Sunday. Whether it is the scorching heat of summers, or cold chills at nights, this cop is never off the duty.

He said to one of his close friend, “I am dedicated to my work. If I have taken this job, I should do justice to it. If I have got the opportunity to be here, I am expected to make the best use of it. My wife and my daughter support me. They ask me to go to work every day. If I do good work, my whole family will receive the blessings for it. They take my name with pride. Even my parents feel proud when somebody praises me.”

How Is He A Role Model For Others?

Mr. Rao Ganesh donated blood for the 52th time yesterday. He doesn’t believe in asking people to do the right thing. Instead he himself comes forward the cause and believes in setting an example for others.

“Yesterday when I went to Donate blood, My driver Mr. Girish told me that he too wants to donate blood this time. You see how it works”, he explained.

Mr Rao Ganesh Donating Blood
Mr Rao Ganesh Donating Blood for 52nd time

People around him, including his family members and colleagues feel motivated for the cause.

Mr. Rao Ganesh Motivated His Colleague To Donate Blood
Mr. Rao Ganesh Motivated His Colleague To Donate Blood

What Keeps Him Going?

We often hear about the cases how people don’t get financial and emotional support easily. When asked about whether he faces any difficulties while being on a project, he said,

“If God is with me, why  should I be afraid? My theory is that everybody is gifted with some capacity. I should then do justice to my capacity AND talent. Whatever project I have taken, I have been backed by large amount of support from government and non-government officers and agencies. So I am happy.

He adds, “I don’t just do my duty. I make others also work. Because if everybody does their work in first place, there wouldn’t be any problem.”

A talk about His Rewards and Recognition:

His work has been recognized by large number of people in the city. He was rewarded with the ‘Social Impact Award’ in 2016 for his commendable services that is bringing a real change in the city. His work is often recognized and appreciated by the residents, Auto Driver Association and others. He was also felicitated by Dr. Rajkumar Abhimanigala Sangha.

Inspector Rao Ganesh being felicitated by Dr. Rajkumar Abhimanigala Sangha.
Inspector Rao Ganesh being felicitated by Dr. Rajkumar Abhimanigala Sangha.

While talking about his rewards and recognition, he says with pride,

“You come to my area and ask about me, they’ll for sure give you 3-4 positive remarks on my work. Even my enemies, or I would say, counterparts also support me. Now This is My Real Award.”

His Expectation From Society:

He is a man who believes in Giving. The only thing he wants from people is to be safe, follow all the traffic rules, and stand against crime.

“Smooth traffic, Safe Traffic’ this is all I want”– says the cop.

While we are busy cursing the government for not doing their job properly, this man out on the  streets 24*7 is making a difference by actually stepping out of his comfort zone and accepting his responsibilities. Probably, before closing the tab of this article, you should take a minute and realize that whatever this man is doing is not something everybody of us can do. And probably, this story needs to be shared. Because ‘Setting an example for others to do the right thing’ is all Mr. Rao Ganesh Wants.

To know more about his initiatives, Visit his Facebook page. The inputs for the article have been taken from one his close aide, Vikas , a resident from Bangalore. Today is Rao Ganesh’s birthday. ‘The Positive India’ salutes this noble man’s efforts and wishes him to celebrate many more birthdays like this, serving the people.



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