Rakesh’s love for dogs has made him – The Dog Father

We have often come across articles and news showing how some people are harassing dogs and ill-treating them. It is a popular conception that dogs are loyal towards human beings. In spite of that, there are evil human beings in this world who misbehave with them. On the other hand, there are people who are doing their part to help dogs and save them from the evil. One such angel for the helpless dogs is Rakesh Shukla-The Dog Father of Bengaluru who has given shelter to 735 dogs in a peaceful farmhouse which is located outside Bengaluru.

Rakesh’s background

Rakesh Shukla was like any other figure in the rat race of multinational companies. Like thousands of others, he was a part of the 9 to 5 work culture. In his initial years of job, he worked in Delhi and afterward moved to the US. Around 10 years ago, he shifted to Bengaluru and decided to start-up. He co-founded a software company along with his wife. He was living the cliched life busy minting money. Money could buy him all luxuries but one thinks he yearned for the most was happiness.

His love for dogs

He had immense love for dogs in his heart and this love, one day made up his mind to bring any stray or abandoned dog home. His wife did not like his decision so he made his office a shelter for the dogs. No sooner, the number of dogs in his shelter grew and for them, he built a farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

The dog father

The farm house is a friendly space for his dogs

The farm has open spaces where dogs can run around and play To take proper care of the dogs, Rakesh has employed 10 people who are trained in veterinary aid. Presently, he has 5 dogs at his home, 10 in his office and 125 in his farm house.

The dog father

Rakesh is fondly called as The Dog Father and treats all the dogs as his children. He takes care of the dogs’ food and overall health.

Rakesh has found a meaning in his life after the arrival of these dogs. We can for the least, applaud him for such a lovely act!

Image Source: BBC.com

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