Quench the hunger of the needy souls

It is often thought that financial help is the only means of reaching out to the deprived. We often suffer from hesitations while giving money to the beggars and needy, suspecting whether they would be put to the righteous use! Changing the notion of help with money, Harshil Mittal and Ashutosh Morrison have started something interesting to assist the poor and the underprivileged. They are a duo working in Accenture and how they have planned out to stand by the poor is really intriguing.


Both Harshil and Ashutosh have planned to feed the hungry poor in Bengaluru through a project called ‘Let’s Feed Bengaluru’. They teamed up to approach the financially stable households to cook meal for an extra person along with their lunch or dinner. They just have to pack them up while this team collect them from their doorstep. Harshil recollects that they have initially visited 50 families out of which 40 of them came out to help them in this endeavour. They say that there is no monetary transactions involved as people often tend to smell foul play in them. Thus, they avoid any form of financial assistance from these common households. Nikunj Batheja, who is Mittal’s llandlord and also the CEO of Homigo.in sponsors the packaging materials for these voluntary organisation. The volunteers drop of them at the households who pack the food for them! Since the food is prepared along with the family meals they are of good quality and are delicious.

The Gulbarg slum enjoyed their endeavour a few months ago. The duo visited the area and had a talk to Bahadur Bemmappa, who is a local leader. They went the following day with food packets. The packets were distributed among children below 10 years and elders above 70 years of age. Unfortunately, the first day they fell short of packets. However, the visited there after some days compensating for those who missed the meal. Their approach to help the civil society is really enterprising. If you want to be a part of this venture, just get in contact with these charming young men!

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