This private institute provides free KG to PG education for tribals

It has been long, that India has seen backwardness in the educational fields. The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences has brought a new ray by initiating education from the primary level. The underprivileged tribal sections in Odisha could think of educating their children with assistance from this organisation. KISS aims at providing education to the backward classes of the society from the primary level to the masters’ level at their own expenditure.

Primarily, this institute commenced their journey with roughly 120 children in the late 1994. Now, they have geared up to reach around 20,000 from various part of the state. With the financial assistance from KIIT (the technical institute in Odisha), this organisation promises to increase the literacy rate in the country. KISS has successfully opened its branch in the capital city inspiring many such initiatives in other states. Their outlook has already attracted attentions of many NGO’s and other financial institutions encouraging them to support their cause.

Besides they promote the notion of “education for all” in the truest sense. They provide various courses to the children till Class V allowing them to learn weaving, gardening, carpentry and others along with a number of sports like rugby, cricket and athletics. This gives an opportunity for the kids to choose their passion and earn simultaneously. The saved up amount are spent by the pupil on their vacations.

“I had never thought that KISS would grow to this level. It was possible because of our continuous effort and commitment to the cause. If a tribal student represents India in the Olympics and others join IITs, IIMs, and NITs for higher studies, what better could have they asked for? said founder of KISS, Achyuta Samanta to TOI

With a null and void dropout rate, this institute is progressing vigorously hoping to deck up the unfortunate with the flying colours!



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