Overcoming hardships for higher education

           Higher education has been a serious problem in our society owing to the low income rates of the people. The expenses required for pursuing higher education can often not be made available by the rural families who strive to make their ends meet. In such situations children deter from their higher studies moving to find jobs to help out their families. However, facing all these challenges it was Somnath Giram decided to achieve what he always wanted in his life. While the others complained about their difficulties to survive, Somnath decided to take up the challenge and stand out as his own inspiration.


He left his village as he found it difficult to support his education in his village of Solapur in the state of Maharashtra. He was a farmer’s son who decided to get away from his house in order to complete his gradation degree. He reached Pune in the year 2008 struggling to find work as he was not trained enough to do any. On the advice of some of his friends he decided to start with a tea shop at Sadashiv Peth. The money he gathered from his part time job as a tea seller was sufficient enough to get through his graduation days. But problem arose when he thought of pursing higher degrees. MBA was not affordable as it requires a huge investment. Thus, he decided to sit for one of the toughest examination in the country, Chartered Accountant. For his examination days, he kept assistants to help out in the tea shop works. Although his profit declined, he was determined to reach his ultimate goal.

Giram stood the entire day serving tea to the people and studied till 2AM at night in order to succeed his long cherished dreams. His perseverance and determination convinced the Maharashtra Government to appoint him the brand ambassador for Earn and Learn, a scheme devoted to encourage students who struggle to fund their higher education!




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