Man donates food everyday for more than a decade

Giving lunch pack to the hungry but uncared for has been their passion for about a decade. A bank employee carries two lunch boxes everyday to his workplace one for himself and the other for an elderly and neglected person for whom the officer’s eyes look all through his way to the branch. Finding a suitable person for the day fills him with immense satisfaction, says he with a glow in his eyes. The mission goes on holidays too……..then the destination is in a different direction.

Asked for the inspiration for such a humane act, the modest Mr. Ramesh adds that when he was working at Palvancha, Telangana,  an old woman aged above 70 used to seek alms in front of their Andhra Bank branch. Moved by her plight, they helped her with some money in the beginning. But not happy with that and proposed and executed by his wife, Mr. Ramesh made it a point to carry a lunch packet everyday for her. Thus started habit has been continuing since then uninterrupted despite moving to the other places.

Whenever someone appreciates their noble gesture the humble Mr Ramesh smiles and says that what they have been giving is a very small part of what the Almighty has blessed them with. Details for this story have been provided by Mr Ramesh rather reluctantly for he believes in doing without talking about it much.

The Positive news salutes your service and the spirit behind it sir !!!



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