Major Ali- A Humble Jeep Driver Who Donates His Land To Students.

There are plenty of people having nothing who share nothing; plenty having a ton who share a ton but it takes a gem of a person who has nothing but still shares something. Such is the case of Major Ali.

Who is Major Ali?

Major Ali is a jeep driver in Jaipur, Rajasthan. A 30 year old father of two, decides to donate five bhigas of land for the playground of government secondary school in Lawanda. Ali who are educated up to the senior secondary level woos his five brothers into donating five out of the 14 bhigas of ancestral land. The land was reassigned to the school earlier this year and will be accessible to the students from this academic year. His generous act gave the school children a playground to play in.

“We six brothers own 14 bhigas of ancestral land jointly in Lawanda village. The school faced a problem of playgrounds and I wanted to do something for the students. Therefore, I decided to give up a part of our ancestral land”, says Major Ali in an interview.

The playground

How Major draws satisfaction in his charitable deed.

Convincing his brothers was not a colossal task for Ali. His brothers shared his benevolence and agreed for parting ways with their land. After the mutual agreement was struck between the brothers, Ali wasted no time in the registry of the land.

Despite earning a few thousands a month, Major Ali was not hesitant in donating his land that was worth 30 lakh rupees. He seems to find solace in the smiling young faces on the ground. He derives satisfaction in his present job and joy in his humble deed.

“I hardly earn 7 to 8 thousand a month as a driver. This is not enough to run a family but I somehow manage. I took no time to decide to donate the land. The Principal of the school motivated and encouraged me too”, says Major Ali.

Resham Lal Arora, the Principal of the school said, he encouraged local villagers and other capable people to do something good for the school. Major Ali voluntarily came forward after he felt motivated by the Principal.

Drawing parallels between Major Ali and Heeralal Meghwal.

The students of this school had another reason to rejoice as an ex Principal pitched in to provide help. Heeralal Meghwal (ex Principal) donated 3.57 bhigas of land for the construction of a new school building that would accommodate the secondary section. The playground and the land donated for the School building are near to each other facilitating the purpose of schooling.

Major Ali was among the 109 donors that received felicitation by Chief Minister Vasundara Raje in a state level honorary programme.

Picture courtesy: The Times of India.

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