This farmer helped 200 poor couples tie a knot

Marriages are an extravagant affair in India. It involves a lot of expenditure which is often difficult for backward sections of the society to bear. Mohammad Anwar Khadri has been a messiah in solving marital problems of poor Muslim for quite a time now. Khadri once visited a Peer Baba as a devotee where he promised him that he would try to bring happiness in the lives of the poor. After returning he met a family begging for  their daughter’s marriage. Seeing this he was reminded of his promise and bore all the expenses of the marriage ritual for the family. Since then he has been hosting mass marriage ceremonies for the poor Muslim families every year.

marriage mass muslim
Source: Reuters

Khadri left his life of comfort and started devoting himself to the service of these families. Only April 24 this year,  he hosted the largest marriage affair marrying  163 couples together. Initially he started off with marrying his daughter in such an occasion. By December, he plans to organise marriage ceremony of more than 600 couples. He also runs an association named Khalandariya in Shivamogga where there are 2000 members who have decided to help these families. The affluent are requested donate for the purpose. Before hosting the ceremony they talk with the families and know the purpose of marriage. The ration cards, birth proofs are also checked and they also contact the local mosques. Most importantly the opinions of the bride and the groom are considered.

The families are entitled to reach Shivamogga where both the parties can choose from five sets of dresses and are given a gold chain. The families can stay there for a month and are provided with cots, locker and grand meal on the day of the ceremony for friends and relatives. He also proudly claims that there has been no talaaq among any couples married by him! Once a farmer, he is now completely dedicated towards welfare of the poor. Kudos to this great man.



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