Jayaram Banan: The Dosa King of North India

              Sagar Ratna is indeed a well known brand serving mouth watering south Indian delicacies in the North belt of the subcontinent. The story of Jayaram Banan, the founder of Sagar Ratna,  is really a victory in the world of successful and hard earned businesses! Jayaram Banan was born to a strict father in Udupi near Mangalore. Father being a strict and a rigid personality, he had faced a very rough childhood. However, what turned out to be a boon in Banan’s life is his failure in school. Scared to face the wrath of his father on failing in examination, he set his foot to Mumbai trying his luck to earn some money.

Jayaram at his cooking best !

It was a tradition among the residents of Udupi to try their luck in Mumbai selling dosas and vadas and Jayaram was no exception. He started to run errands as a canteen boy receiving a monthly allowance of just Rs 18 a month. The little boy had big dreams and dreamt of sky to be his limits. Thus, he started on his journey with a catering business. By then Mumbai was already clustered by the South Indian food business. He thought of an alternative and shifted to Delhi where there were less competitors and greater prosper rates.

     From then there was no looking back! With sheer hard work and perseverance and wonderful business strategies he made it to his dream. Jayaram realised that the authentic South Indian delicacy was missing from the North and people indeed had to visit the most expensive restaurants like Lodhi Hotel to relish the food from the south. To cater to this crowd, he started the dealing in the best dosas and vadas at a very nominal ‘halwai’ rates! Soon the Defence Colony in Delhi saw the first of Jayaram’s restaurants named Sagar. The next few years witnessed a flourishing business for Saga Ratna who soon replaced Woodlands in Lodhi Hotel.

         Till today Sagar Ratna has over 59 outlets covering Canada, Singapore and Bangkok. They also started with sea food culinary in the year 2001. Jayaram visits all his 29 outlets on Sundays and works with complete determination and affection towards his business. This humble and soft spoken man wants to make it large with humbleness and care



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