This lady’s childhood dream of running an orphanage is a reality now

When answers do you get when a group of children are asked what they want to become in future ? Doctors, lawyers, Engineers, IPS, IAS ? But , when the same question was asked to Gurram Padma by her headmaster, she replied that she wants to run an orphanage and help poor children.

Gurram Padma is a former MPTC of Choppadandi village of Karimnagar district. To realize her childhood dream, she established Sahaya public welfare society in 2005. She encountered a major road block in her journey when her husband passed away in 2009 due to Dengue. Undeterred by her husband’s untimely death, she continued her work to serve orphans and moved to Karimnagar. She even ran a jute bag making unit and provided training to illiterate women so that they can sustain on their own.

gurram padma serving orphan children a meal
gurram padma serving orphan children a meal

Wondering how she runs it despite she being unemployed ?. Philanthropists in and around fund her orphanage. The donate rice, pulses, vegetables and other essentials on a regular basis. She says she even gets some support  from government officials. Whenever she come across any article in newspaper stating that someone is orphaned, she immediately rushes to them and offers to take care of them.  She says – “It is very satisfying to see those children smile. What more can I expect from life ?” . She treats all twenty children in her orphanage like her own

What makes her outstanding is that she married his well settled son to one of the girls who grew up in orphanage. How many of us can dare to do that ? Her younger son is now pursuing final year of B Tech.




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