‘Empower’ an NGO is tackling human trafficking incredibly

Bride trafficking? May not be a very usual term in the metropolis. But once you step in the rural areas this incident is much common. The brides are kidnapped, trafficked where they are treated as sex slaves. Even some are sold abroad for a lot of money. This includes also young and teenage girls who are generally married off at a tender ages in the villages. To bring a halt to this injustice to women at large, ‘Empower People’ an NGO is tackling human trafficking.

Empower People organising a workshop with Police

They are an organization working to save and protect trafficked humans (especially brides who are trafficked) to different parts of Haryana and Punjab. EP tries to locate the distressed girls from the various localities with help from the NGOs associated with them. Once they have located the girl, they enter into the locality where the girls are kept and rescue them from the grips of the owners. They primarily contact the locals of the area to gain the confidence there. After the rescue of the girls they are taken for a counselling and treated to get rid of the trauma they faced. The parents are sought after. In case the family cannot be contacted they are remarried. If the girls want to get employed, job opportunities are provide to the girls besides helping them to rehabilitate in the suitable environments.

Presently EP is functioning efficiently in 7 states of India where the lives of the girls are under real threat. They are also working on the gender selective abortion, child marriages and various other oppressions faced by women in various sectors. Shafiq R. Khan has been honoured in various occasions for his phenomenal job in protecting the women of the country. To name a few rewards EP has been crowned with the ‘Amazing Indian Award’, ‘Social Bravery Award’ and many others. The success of this initiative lies in rescuing hundreds of girls from the evil hands. Besides, their endeavour has also encouraged setting up of ‘Anti-Human Trafficking Unit’ in Himachal Pradesh. Shafiq, a young activist worried about inhuman treatment of women in many areas in India took the courage to fight these social evils!



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