Deepchand Prakhyat: Kargil and Kashmir War Hero

Kargil and Kashmir war hero Deepchand Prakhyat lost his two legs and an arm but is the most optimistic person you will read about today. 

A soldier is the one who fights as part of an organized, land-based armed force. A soldier can be an enlisted person, a non-commissioned officer, or an officer. In many countries, they are serving in specific occupations and are referred to by terms other than their occupational name. They always march forward without turning around in their paths.

Deepchand Prakhyat: Kargil and Kashmir War Hero
Deepchand Prakhyat: Kargil and Kashmir War Hero


Deepchand Prakhyat was born in Hissar, Haryana and came to Maharashtra for military training. He started his military journey in 1989 and after procuring his army medal he was posted to Kashmir in command of general G.K. Mehendiratta. He gave service to the country in Kargil war and also went undercover in the Lashkar district of Kashmir.

Deepchand Prakhyat lives the life of Maratha warriors and became disabled in serving his country as he lost both his legs and an arm. Being disabled is a grieved tale for any soldier. He had done extraordinary work in wars and also had a near death experience. The determination of fighting with enemies, death, and destiny with the equal obstinacy of Deepchand Prakhyat’s spirited story will leave everyone stunned. There is patriotism, kindness and undying loyalty towards the Indian army even today.

“In our two years there, we managed to make that area completely terror-free, simply because of courageous soldiers like Deepchand,” says the General G.K Mehndiratta. He was ready to fight at Pokhran as soon as insurgencies surfaced, but the matter was  resolved through dialogue. That was when the fateful incident transpired.

They were just in the process of packing up their belongings from Barmer after the situation subsided when a misfire took place and one of the canons exploded, injuring three men. Amongst them was Deepchand.

General Mehndiratta was shocked at that point of time. “The soldier who fought bravely and escaped death in Kargil and Kashmir got brutally injured in a blast like this. It was so serious that doctors had told us that there was almost no chance that he would wake up and recover,” says the Colonel. “But I told the doctor to revive him at any cost. That was when he informed me that Deepchand had lost a lot of blood. Furthermore, that they would have to amputate both his legs and one of his hands. Even then, there was no guarantee that he would survive the ordeal. I was prepared for the worst,” says the Colonel.


Deepchand successfully creates a mental image that all of us can fall back on when life flings anything at us that we think we can’t handle.

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