This Bangalore couple marriage is Eco-friendly beyond imagination

Indian weddings are known for their lavishness. In most families, people spend lifetime savings for a marriage. They are often lavish with unreasonable quantities of many varieties of food which is often recklessly wasted. In most cases, this spending often results in huge environmental impact. Today we have written about an eco-friendly marriage which has least impact on environment.

‘Money may be ours but resources belong to Mother Earth’ was the philosophy of Sowmya Reddy,  vegan animals rights activist and environmentalist and the daughter of Karnataka’s Transport Minister, R Ramalinga Reddy. She opted for an eco-friendly marriage and thereby set a true example for many of us

Sowmya reddy and Abhishek

Here is how they made it eco-friendly

  1. Zero Waste generated : She stationed more than 150 staff members of Bangalore-based trained waste pickers. They made sure the waste got sequestered and nothing went to the landfills. The food waste was sent to bio-methanation plant nearby
  2. Pure Vegan meal : Not even single animal product was used including milk, ghee, curd ( (vegans are strict vegetarians who don’t consume dairy products, eggs, or any other product derived from an animal) .  Milk products like ghee, milk and curd weren’t used by the food caterers.Instead, coconut juice, soya bean milk, and soya bean yoghurt were chosen.
  3. Plastic cups were replaced by steel and melamine cutlery.
  4. Floral decorations included flowers made of paper.
  5. The invitation cards were made from recycled paper, which clearly stated ”No gifts or bouquets”. Some cards were emailed.
  6. The guests were given return gifts, but wait, it is not what you are thinking! The guests went home with saplings of plants like sandalwood, rosewood, mahogany, jack fruit and neem.
  7. Even the attire and cosmetics used were eco-friendly!
Image used for representational purpose

Being eco-friendly is not always costly. There are many measures we can afford. Hope more weddings become eco-friendly. This celebrity couple has indeed taken a great step and our congratulations to them.



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