Ayyapa masagi : The revival story of 70,000 dry borewells

             From Tamil Nadu to Latur, every place in India has been a severely affected by drought over past years. The groundwater reserves has been depleting at a considerable rate making it difficult for people to survive. Ayyapa Masagi, has turned out to be a boon to the people settled in the drought prone regions of India. With his sheer perseverance  and engineered technique, he has earned himself various titles like the Water Magician, Water Doctor and Water Gandhi. Ayyapa Masagi uses several scientific methods and his innovative inventions to ensure that India becomes an example of water efficiency within the year 2020. He trained people to use water judiciously and has also encouraged rainwater harvesting techniques among the people. Recharging of the bore wells and construction of new lakes are other such endeavours taken up by this engineer.


        His terrible childhood in the drought affected region of Gadag district in Karnataka made him interested to solve the water crisis occurring in large parts of the country. Despite poor economic conditions,  Ayyapa masagi went on to complete his Mechanical Engineering degree, working in renowned companies like BEML, Larsen & Toubro.

      Later, he bought about large acres of land in his own village with an intention to start a rubber and coffee plantation. He intended to motivate  villagers how agriculture was possible with judicious use of waters. Although, initially his family was against his ideas he was successful in convincing farmers that non-irrigational techniques and bore well recharging can really help them overcome water issues. Ayyapa Masagi was against linking rivers bringing in disputes. He promoted much simpler non-irrigational techniques like rooftop rainwater harvesting, stream water harvesting and creating pit based systems which ensured water percolates through distinct layers till they meet a saturation point. On reaching this point they come out as springs.

His initiatives have earned him Ashoka Fellowship in the year 2004. The year 2005, saw Ayyapa founding Water Literacy Foundation the non profit wing named Rain Water Concepts was started later. Jamnalal Bajaj Award was received by him in 2009, his institution earning a place in Limca Book of Records. He has a group of ‘water warriors’ who are continuously working to provide conservative means to people. His initiative led to yielding of good quality of water in bore wells of Kennametal Widia who previously bought water worth 25 lakhs per annum. This project won the National Water Conservation Award. His children are now a part of his venture. The NGO has been successful in putting up 70,000 bore wells in approximately 42000 places helping more than 1.5 million citizens of this nation!



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