Anthill Creations is changing the way slum kids play

Anthill Creations is a not-for-profit organization which is providing amazing play spaces to slum kids. A team of 5 architecture students from IIT Kharagpur 2015 batch, Pooja Rai, Nancy, Nupur Agarwal, Vishesh Gupta and Souradeep Paul turned their college project into a full time passion. They are on a mission to create the most colorful play zones for the slum kids in the country.

They build slides, swings and jungle gyms for kids who do not have access to play zones otherwise.

Anthill Creations: The Idea

One of the 5 co-founders was on a college internship in Morocco. They the, chanced upon the idea of recycling tyres. The architect they were doing the project with, was passionate about recycling non-biodegradable materials and using them. This became the theme for the architects for their playground projects. Their first project happened on college campus, the Disha Seema Care Center, a school for children from villages around the IIT Kharagpur campus.

Anthill Creations got on board tyre company Michelin to help them with the funding and set up a vibrant playground. Post this, 2 of the 5, decided to quit their jobs and devote full time to Anthill, starting in Bengaluru. The other 3 became part time directors and help with projects in Delhi.

First Project

Anthill Creation’s first project was in Bengaluru slum area, where they built a small and pretty playground. The setup costed them Rs. 20,000 and was done in just 5 days. They also tied up with a local non-profit organization Mantra4Change. They helped set up an innovative library using recycled tyres for chairs and tables at Florida English School in Goripalya, which works for slum kids. Since then, they have been doing projects in Pune, Delhi, Auroville and Nizamabad.

Anthill Creation believes that their biggest reward is a smile on every child’s face!

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