Young engineer adopts special child before marriage fighting all odds

Binny is a two year old boy from Bhopal born  who was left at an orphanage by his own parents when they came to know that he has a hole in the heart and he suffers from down’s syndrome ( A special condition in children which leads to slow growth of brain because of intellectual disability). He was a third child to his rich parents but still they left him.

Aditya Tiwari with Binney :: Image source : Indian Express

Aditya  Tiwari, a software engineer working at Barclays in Indore went to orphanage of Missionaries of Charity to distribute goodies on the occasion of his father’s birthday. There he noticed Binny and immediately felt like adopting him.

The Missionaries of Charity guidelines don’t allow single parent adoption. His parents warned him that adoption would hamper his marriage prospects. He could convince his parents but the orphanage people didn’t accept. He wrote to Child welfare deparment, he wrote to Maneka Gandhi seeking her intervention. He even approached Prime Minister’s office for intervention Gandhi spoke to me over the phone and said she was asking the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) to work with the Bhopal Child Welfare Committee and resolve this matter.

But it was in August 2014 that the tide turned. Till then the CARA guidelines demanded that one had to be 30 years of age to adopt a child. It was revised last year to 25 years. Tiwari was now eligible to adopt Binney. The central government sent a notice to the state government and finally due to mounting pressure, in December 2015, I got a mail asking me to take Binney home between January 1 to 8  said Tiwari to Indian Express .

Finally Aditya Tiwari becomes the youngest single person to adopt a child and he says celebrity Sushmitha Sen is his inspiration.



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